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in which our Armenian Lord and Saviour gets slimed for our sins

This is the extent of Dean Ambrose’s talent; he has the power to turn a 30-year-old woman who’s been watching wrestling since she was 5 into that 5-year old mark who legit hates anyone who opposes him or demeans him in any way.

Ugh that condescending wave for Dean to get out and let him start first PETITION FOR CENA TO RETIRE WITH PUNK SINCE PUNK IS THE ONLY ONE WHO MAKES HIM TOLERABLE 2K14

Imma need a Luke Harper “Peekaboo, You’re Doomed” shirt asap

This whole Cena/Dean/Seth angle is just more proof as to why Cena has no friends; he’s an egomaniac who thinks losing a title match ranks higher on the Injustice Scale than being stabbed in the back by someone you considered a BROTHER.